6 best free tools for small business owner always forget to use

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Having the right tools won’t turn you into a one percent digital market.Infact it will surely save you hundreds of hours and give you a massive edge over other people in the space. So I am presenting here some of my best free tools for small business owner that they always forget to use.

That is why in this post, I’m gonna guide you through the best free tools for small business. That will really gonna take your game to the next level and save you hundreds of hours.

It has definitely done so for me, and I know we’ll do the same for you. For those of you who want to spice things up and get a bit more bougie.

I will also be giving you paid options for each tool. So, I’m super excited for this post because, at the end of it, you are going to come out with just an amazing toolkit that’s really going to allow you to level up.

If you’re new to my blog, I really hope you guys will enjoy this post and learn about the best free tools for small business owners. Without further ado, let’s go right into it.


6 best free tools for small business owner always forget to use

This is an amazing website optimization tool that allows you to see where the traffic is really coming from. One of the things that I really appreciate in my blog is that if you are a digital marketer and you’re only doing Facebook ads for or Snapchat bats or wool ads.

Whatever you’re doing for a client, especially if you’re doing it for e-commerce businesses, you need to make sure you have a 360 approach. If you’re a social media marketing agency, and so if that is the case.Then you want to make sure that you have a 360 approach and even though you’ve just been hired for Facebook ads.

Let’s say that that’s the case; you want to make sure that you have an optimized website so that all the traffic you’re driving for your client. It actually converts as high as possible because that’s also going to affect your performance very positively.

So with hotjar, you’ll be able to see things like, for example, engage reading time by the prospect that lands on the website where they spend most of their time and a bunch of other really cool stuff.

So that’s really the first tool that I recommend. Now, if you want to go for the paid route, I personally recommend casemetrics. It is similar to hotjar, but it merely just takes it to a whole new level.


6 best free tools for small business owner always forget to useThis is a user testing tool. It’s similar to hotjar because you can see what your users are doing on your website. The great thing about Peak is that you can do A B testing. Also you can see what things work what doesn’t work and then optimize your website according.

Another great thing about Peak is that it gives you a five-minute recording of a real person using your website for free, which is really awesome.

If you’re interested in the paid route, I personally recommend optimizely.

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6 best free tools for small business owner always forget to use

I’m sure you guys have heard of Canva, but if you haven’t, it’s a great design tool and pretty much free. Obviously, they do have a pro version, but the free version is pretty amazing. So you can use combat to create Facebook ads for your client’s Instagram story ads.

For example, I use canva sometimes to create my blog post thumbnail, so it’s honestly an amazing tool that i personally think should be in every digital marketer’s toolkit.

Especially because, yes, a large portion of our work as different marketers is media buying and the number side of things. There’s a massive component: the design and aesthetic side of things designing, for example, Eye-catching creative.

So canva is great for that, and for a paid option, I personally recommend Photoshop for images, and for videos, I personally recommend Promo.

I probably should have mentioned that none of these free tools are sponsored at beginning , but I will leave a link in bold words in blue color. If you want to check, you can check it out by clicking.

 I love tools like Promo because they specifically tailor two paid ads right. So they literally give you dimensions for Facebook ads, which will add Snapchat ads and a bunch of others.

Really if you know Instagram stories, for example, a bunch of other really cool platforms.

Headline generator

6 best free tools for small business owner always forget to use

Let me explain what this is. As digital marketers, a massive part of writing high converting ads is having an incredible headline. In fact,being digital marketer, it’s crucial to master copywriting skills but certain tools can really help you come up with amazing headlines.

The one which I personally recommend is Sumo. They have a headline generator and the second tool that I recommend is Ask the public. Now ask the public is not really a headline generator, but it’s basically an idea generator.

So it’s great if you’re doing content marketing. Also, it can be great if you’re running advertorial type ads, which we do a lot at our agency. So we’ll basically make an ad look like a blog post. which will further help in getting people on that blog post which is completely value-driven.

At the end of it, we’ll have our call to action and that will be much more effective. by doing this we’ll see incredible conversions there. These tools can help you come up with incredible headlines.It can help us to grab people’s attention, hooks them in, and gets them on your landing page.

Tailwind Tribes


Now you may have heard of tailwind before but are you taking advantage of Tailwind tribes. These tribes are free to get started.

We will be discussing in brief Pinterest and how you can join Tailwind tribes to grow your traffic through Pinterest.

Let’s dive into what they are and how you can use them to get traffic. which will also help to find new content for your Pinterest and the followers that follow you on Pinterest.

Let’s get started, so first things first, if you’re not familiar with a tailwind, you go to tailwind tribes com. You go to dashboard once you have set yourself up with a free account by signing with the Pinterest account.

Right now tribe is a free feature that you can get without paying for tailwind.

So you definitely want to try and take advantage of this, Once you’re on tribes, you come to find a tribe.

This is where you’re going to join existing tribes. Now tribes are groups of people who have a like-minded interest.

So let’s say you’re searching tribes for “blogging” blogger you blog about.

6 best free tools for small business owner always forget to use

You’re going to want to find tribes with other content creators who create content that’s great for your audience. You could join other Blogging tribe’s craft tribes or things related to your audience’s interests.

You have a never-ending supply of content that you can share on your Pinterest. It’s also like a share for share tool, if you share other content we’ll likely share your content as well.

you’ll definitely want to join tribes that have a decent amount of activity. That maybe even a decent amount of members, if you’re really interested in getting unlimited supply of content to share.

You’re going to notice some you can join right away and others that you have to request to join. Some tribes are created privately by Tailwind members and then you can access by requesting to join.

When you join the tailwind tribe, you can directly schedule any image you like. Also any website you open in your browser to the Tailwind tribe as a Pinterest pin.

6 best free tools for small business owner always forget to use

If you want to schedule through tailwind, you can start filling out the boards you want to share it with.

So I’ve got a pretty big schedule & it’s gonna do once you’ve hit scheduled. It will populate all the open spots. One day apart starting at whatever time it is that you choose on your interval so it’ll fill in those spots.

6 best free tools for small business owner always forget to use

The point of tailwind tribes is to share your pins. Also hope that other till when members are sharing your pins to Pinterest and scheduling your pins to Pinterest. And also shared the love by scheduling and sharing other pinners pins as well. So it’s a really a share for share community,that is how you’re going to gain more exposure to your content. That is by exposing your content to people in your niche.

So to get started, all you have to do is sign up with Pinterest.


Those were some of my best free tools to grow small business that I personally recommend for any digital marketer. I honestly deem it vital because some of my blog subscribers and I use them daily, saving hundreds of hours.

If you enjoy this blog or learn anything, please go ahead and drop big thumbs up or help me share. T find it incredibly exciting when that little grey thumbs up turns blue so that I would love it. I would really appreciate it also, leave them below in the comments.



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