Blog Niches:20 tips to find the best blogging niche

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How to find the best Blog Niches

If you don’t know how to find the best blogging niche and get unique blog ideas? Then don’t worry. Today, I will discuss the top 20 tips that would surely help. Moreover, these are not only tips but also my personal experience. However, after this, I guaranteed that you would get thousands of blog niches ideas.

The most important thing is to decide what to blog about. However, it would be challenging to select the most profitable blog niches. But without a niche, we are unable to write on a topic. Moreover, it would be more challenging to rank your blog on Google. That is to say, try to select one from the most popular blog niches.

Tips for finding the best Blog Niches

The most popular blogs work on the following niches:

⦁ Health and Fitness Niche Blogs

⦁ Personal Finance Niche Blogs

⦁ Fashion Niche Blogs

⦁ Lifestyle Niche Blogs

⦁ Business and Marketing Niche Blogs

⦁ Technology and Gaming Niche Blogs

⦁ Travel Niche Blogs.

⦁ Making Money Online Niche Blogs

⦁ Financial guidance Niche Blogs

⦁ Recipes and Food Niche Blogs

⦁ Pets Niche Blogs

⦁ Parenting Niche Blogs

⦁ Gardening Niche Blogs

⦁ Blogging

⦁ Clothing Niche Blogs

The above-mentioned blog niches are considered as top niches. However, we have thousands of ideas about blogging. But the question remains how to find your blog niche? Now we discuss the tips without wasting the time. So, let’s start.

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Blog Niches: 20 tips to find the best blogging niche ,Blog niches

⦁ What should I blog About? Or Use a blog niche quiz.

First of all, ask yourself, have you any skill related to the niche you will work on? Do you have any knowledge of it? Have you a keen interest in it? If yes, and you feel you are perfect for it. Then be ready; success would be at your feet. 

In contrast, most people give up blogging after a few months. Because they have no basic knowledge, skills, and any interest related to their niche. So, they prefer to give up; in other words, if someone is interested in gardening, how could he work on a tech niche?

Use AnswerthePublic.com to get blog niches idea.

It’s a free site, and you can get thousands of ideas about a blogging niche. Moreover, you can also get questions related to your niche. In this way, you will get the latest blog topics to write. However, you can make only 3 to 5 searches per day.

Use Quora to get ideas About your Blogging Niche.

Join the categories and groups on Quora.com related to those topics you want to find your niche. Here are millions of people who share personal experiences, ideas, and knowledge about the most practical issues. In this way, you would be able to find your best niche and an idea to put into words.

Use Amazon to find the best niche.

You can find a large number of product categories on Amazon. So, you can target them as your blog niche. Moreover, you will find multiple niches for blogging that may be profitable. For example, if I click on the clothes’ categories. After this, some sub-categories appear as a result. Now I select men’s shirts as my blog niche.

Join the HARO platform & find Group Ideas.

After joining HARO  you will receive notifications via email. In this way, you would find the best niche for your site because HARO asks questions in the form of messages three times in a single day. You will get multiple niche ideas from this platform and you would be able to write for HARO and get a backlink as a reward.

Use the Keyword Planner to get Blog niche ideas.

On the other hand, if you have trouble finding the best and low competitive niche. Then I recommend you to use the keyword planner. It would help you to see multiple blog niche ideas. Moreover, by using this one, you could find low competitive keywords for your blogging niche. Put your niche keyword in the planner, and after this, you will get a thousand related keywords. So, in this way, you will get keywords and a low competitive niche.

Some use Wikihow.com to get niche ideas.

Wikihow.com is one of the most popular websites all over the world. Go to the website and click on a category that you have an interest in it. After clicking, now you would be able to see 100s of sub-categories and related topics. In this way, you can get multiple blog niche ideas.

Browse through PayPal’s Business categories page

To find multiple and profitable niche blogging, you have to browse through PayPal’s Business categories page. In this way, you will get lists of multiple blog niches.

⦁ Use Google’s year Report to find unique blog ideas.

To find the best blogging niche, then use Google’s year report. This report tells that which topics and niches are getting high traffic. Moreover, it also informs about the searches that have been made for the whole year.

Use ClickBank to find your niche or profitable blog niches

You can also use ClickBank to find the best niche ideas for blogging. However, you can get ideas related to products available for sale because it’s an affiliate marketplace. Moreover, here you will find a niche idea generator. By using this blog niche generator, you will get multiple niche and micro-niche ideas.

Use Udemy to find profitable blog niches

Similarly, you can get multiple niche and micro-niche ideas for blogging. However, here you can find categories easily. In Udemy, you have to click on the categories, and then you will see a large number of blog niches. In this way, you could choose your niche.

Use Pat Flynn’s 777 Method

Pat Flynn’s 777 methods will surely help find multiple blog niche ideas. If you have some knowledge about this. Then it would be easier for you to get thousands of low competition niche ideas.

Use the Ahref keyword tool to get ideas about the niche.

Like the keyword planner tool, Ahref can also provide ideas about niche blogging. However, in Ahref, you will find the Amazon keyword generator. And in this, you can find the best blog niches by searching your primary keyword. After that, you will see thousands of related keywords that help you to find your niche.

Use JVZoo.com to find the best Affiliate niche.

Similarly, you can find unique blog ideas and get niche ideas, not only for Affiliate but also for blogging.

Use CJ.com

It can also set the best ideas about blogging niche like ClickBank, Pat Flynn, and JVZoo. And also provides ideas related to Affiliate niches and blogging. However, it depends on you how you could do searches. Moreover, you can also get blog niches about dropshipping.

Use Forum Directories and Newspapers

Find some forums related to your topic or niche, and try to find your niche. Some forums such as Bodybuilding.com forums, Christian forums, tech forums, Purse Forums, and much more. Moreover, you can get blogging niche ideas by reading newspapers and magazines. Because here, you will find products and advertisements that can help to find a niche.

Use tools to find your niche

Some sites and tools are also available that may help you find the best niche. Moreover, these tools and sites also provide niche ideas for Drop Shipping, Blogging, and Affiliate marketing. Here are some tools and sites that would help you to find the most profitable blog niche.

1# Trustpilot.com (Best to Find a Niche for Dropshipping & Affiliate Marketing)

2# Watchcount.com (Best to Find Niche for Dropshipping & Affiliate Marketing)

3# EmpireFlippers.com (Best to Find Niche for Dropshipping & Affiliate Marketing)

4# Aliexpress.com (Best to Find a Profitable Dropshipping Niche)

5# Moz Keyword Research tool

6# Keyword Everywhere

Do market research on your Blogging Niche

Before niche selection, I highly recommend you to do market research on your blog niche. Moreover, make sure it’s the most profitable niche with a high market value. Besides, do well research on other blogs that are also running on the same niche. Also, check their monthly traffic and audience. Because of it, you would be able to guess how much you can earn from your niche.

Choose a Smaller Niche

Avoid high competition. Because it’s your start, and you don’t have backlinks and high domain authority to compete with other competitors. That’s why I recommend you to work in a smaller niche. Moreover, here are ten times more chances to rank on a smaller niche than a higher niche. 

Pick the most Profitable Blogging Niche

If you would like to earn some income, I recommend your topic, a profitable blogging niche. Moreover, make sure Google AdSense could monetize it. Because in today’s world, It is now becoming the No 1 and best advertising network.

However, you can also connect your site to affiliate networks such as Amazon. It gives a 10 percent commission when a buyer purchases something via your referral link. Besides, most of the people are earning tons of cash per month. You can also earn but make sure your niche is profitable.

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