Blogging journey:Blogging for beginners and Blogging tips

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Blogging for beginners

Most people are this curiosity about how to get perfection in Blogging. They also ask how to be more prepared in Blogging’s journey by just following Blogging tips for beginners. But honestly, blogging for beginners is not as easy as you think because of only 31.5 million blogs from the USA. That is to say, it might seem challenging to create and rank the Blog in the USA.

In contrast, there are 500 million Blogs out of 1.7 billion Websites. But nothing is impossible. Today, we are going to discuss some Blogging tips for beginners. That might help you to prepare yourself for the Journey of Blogging. Moreover, especially these blogging tips for beginners. So, they could start their blogs and step into the field of Blogging. 

Here are some Blogging tips for beginners as well as for Advance levels. 

  • Learn SEO to improve your Blogging 
  • Learn Keyword research
  • Content
  • Apply Off-page SEO

Learn SEO to move from beginners blogging to advance blogging

I hope you know well, “What is SEO.” Search engine optimization or SEO skill is mandatory for everyone who wants to earn from Blogging. Because this is only the way through which you drive traffic to your site. Moreover, SEO helps to get your website noticed on Google. If you want to earn and get high traffic without SEO? Then it’s impossible to earn desirable success on the blogging journey.

Blogging journey:Blogging for beginners and Blogging tips

On the other hand, SEO has three types.

  1. On-page SEO
  2. Off-page SEO
  3. Technical SEO

And it’s essential to learn all about the three types. Suppose you don’t know about technical SEO. Then you are unable to optimize your page speed. Moreover, you could not solve the crawling issues on your site. In technical SEO, you will learn how to optimize and boost the page speed. And how to maximize the URLs. 

While On-page SEO helps optimize your metadata and how to add meta tags in the HTML code. Because Search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo can recognize the meta tags, so in this way, your website gets noticed on Google. Moreover, you can also learn from On-page SEO like how to write a fully SEO optimized blog post.

On the other hand, Off-page SEO skills drive massive organic traffic. That is to say, the more the traffic, the more the money. Moreover, it helps to increase the Domain Authority. Also, how it gets the backlinks. That’s why without SEO, it’s impossible to make the word “Blogging for beginners” possible and earn money from Blogging. 

Learn Keyword research

Keyword research also a significant part of SEO. Before writing and publishing the content. First, you have to pick the best keyword on which you are going to rank. This will only be possible when you become an expert in Keyword research. Besides, I recommend beginners blogging to use free keyword research tools, such as Google keyword everywhere, Ubersuggets, etc.

However, some paid tools such as Ahrefs, Moz, Keyword planner are providing Amazing results. These can show results of up to ten thousand. In this way, you can get hundreds of keywords that could match your topic. Moreover, always try to choose a low, competitive keyword with a high CPC because there are more chances to rank at low, competitive keywords.

For more information, you can check Neil Patel’s blog post about Free Keyword Research and Tracking Tools.


After learning SEO and Keyword research, now you have to choose your topic. Honestly, topic selection might seem challenging because it’s challenging to decide which case is best. So, I recommend you to use AnswerthePublic.com, HARO, and Quora.com. Because these are public places, and you will get hundreds of ideas

Blogging journey:Blogging for beginners and Blogging tips

Moreover, always try to solve public problems. Such as write about the topics people are searching for. And you can find these topics on Quora and Answerthepublic.com. In this way, you can get organic traffic. That’s why I do long research to find the best topic for Blogging. Also, tackle your competitors’ best topics.

Afterward, now you have to write a full SEO optimized post. I recommend the beginners in Blogging to use SEO tools such as SEMrush, SurferSEO, etc. Because these might help them that how to write an entirely SEO friendly article and blog post, moreover, try to make your posts readable with catchy and amazing Headlines. Also, write a reader-engaging introduction.

If you want to learn about how to write SEO friendly content you can click the link below, write a blog post about how to write SEO friendly content”Beginner To Advanced.

Apply Off-page SEO 

Above all, now it’s time to apply the skills that you have learned at the start of Blogging. After content, now you have to do a proper Off-page SEO to rank your page. That is to say, you have to get the backlinks related to your niche sites. 

But keep in mind always try to get a backlink from a high domain authority site with a 0% spam score. Blogging for beginners is possible. Try to keep in touch with social media and share your posts on your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts. Moreover, link your accounts with your Blog. 

Read here more on applying off-page SEO→8 Off-Page SEO Practices to Make Your WordPress Site a Favorite on Google  by Joan Selby on torquemag.io.

Well, this was a basic concept of how to upgrade your Blogging career level to a more advanced level. Help me on giving feedback about this post by commenting below also you can share your ideas about the Blogging journey for beginners.

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