How to create your own website and earn money


How to create your own Website

It might sound too good to be true, but these days, it is actually possible to build free websites and earn money. The web has opened many avenues for you to thrive in this endeavor, whether you are trying to create your own website and earn money or monetize your website as a side hustle or as a primary source of income. Admittedly, making a steady income from a website can be tough, but with the right kind of online revenue plan and a lot of hard work, it is possible.

Here are 9 steps that might help you, how to create your own Website, how to monetize a website, and how to earn money. Moreover, these are not only steps but also the keys to your success. So, let’s start. 

  • Choose Your Niche

At first, pick the most profitable niche on which you are going to work. And you must have some skills and knowledge related to it. Also, it must have a fair market value as well as high traffic and searches. However, I have already discussed “20 tips to find the best Niche” in my previous article.

  • Buy a Top-Level Domain Name related to your Niche.

After Niche selection, now you have to buy a top-level domain name such as .com, .in, .info, etc. But keep in mind, it must relate to your Niche. For example, if your Niche is about Yoga, then Domain must contain Yoga keyword, such as Yoga.com, Yogadiet.info. 

Before you do something, you must pick the name of your website and buy yours. There are a lot of domains and it’s easy to come up with domains. They are reflective of what the site is about, so ExpertPhotography.com, for instance, is about how to become a photography expert. Keep the name as short as possible.

you can simply buy Domain here GoDaddy.com or Namecheap.com.

  • Get Paid/Free Hosting

If you are seriously interested in earning money, I would recommend you purchase the best Hosting service such as  InterserverBluehostA2 Hosting, and much more. These are secure, cheap, and most trustable services. However, if you don’t have any income to purchase? Don’t worry; I recommend you to use Infinity Free Hosting, AccuWebHosting.comX10Hosting.com. After signing up, copy the name servers and paste into your DNS, where you have purchased the Domain.How to create your own website and earn money

To do this, you rent some space on a server for a few bucks, and you can put all your files on it, and thousands of people can come and visit it without any trouble. We suggest that you start with Bluehost. They have a 24/7 live service of agents who will all be able to assist you with any problems you might have. 

It is better to use paid hosting to create your own website and earn money online.

  • Install WordPress or any Other Website Builder

Now, open your Control panel or cPanel of your hosting. Search WordPress in the search bar and install it. Add title, username, password, and description of your site. We recommend that you use WordPress to run your website. It is the most common website network and is used by more than half of all new websites. It’s the best choice, no matter how large or small the website is.

Installing website applications would not be an easy process. You’d have to upload thousands of files and understand a bunch of technical details that nobody wants to do. Now what you need to do is log in to your hosting control panel. Click QuickInstall > > Install WordPress, around 30 seconds later your blog is installed, you have a website on the internet, and you can start publishing content.

  • Customize and Optimize your Website

After installation, now install and activate your favorite theme. After that;

Go to plugins and click on Add new. Install the necessary plugins such as Yoast SEO for On-page optimization, Simple SSL for activation of SSL certificate, Ninja form for Contact us page, Site Kit by Google for Google search console, and Google analytics. Also, add categories and pages such as Privacy, Terms, and condition, About Us, and Contact page. 

Publish your Content Content is the King and would be a significant factor for web rank. To rank your site, you must have to write a minimum of 500 words for each post. However, the content must be unique and valuable. 

  • Get Paid/Free Back-links 

To drive massive organic traffic, I recommend you to get Do-follow backlinks from High authority domains. Moreover, you can get paid as well as free backlinks. But keep in mind, get backlinks related to your Niche. If your site is working on Tech Niche, get backlinks from high Da tech sites.

How to create your own website and earn money

B: Website Monetization

After getting the idea of how to create your own website, now it’s time to monetize your site. Several platforms such as AdSense, AdWords, and some other Affiliate Ad Networks that are serving advertisements. After getting approval from these Networks, we would be able to put ads on our site. In other words, we can say we have started our earning.

There are many uses of websites through which you can earn. At first, you have to work a lot on your website to monetize it. Here are a few ways through which you can earn-

  • Signup for AdSense

Before signing up, I recommend you to read out its Terms. However, your site must contain a minimum of 20 individual posts, 700 words for each. In other words, a total of 10000 words are a must. After that, sign up for AdSense, copy the code and paste it into the Header section. For this, I would recommend you to install the” Insert footer and Header” plugin. Because it would be easy for you to paste the code, after signing up, wait for 1-2 weeks. 

It is a great idea to create your own website and earn money from Adsense.

  • Signup for Affiliate

On the other hand, Affiliate Networks might be best. So, sign up for Amazon.com and publish its products on your site. Whenever someone buys a product through your link, then you will get a 10 percent commission. In this way, you can earn money.

The affiliate marketing platform is based around the endorsement or review of such products. Then, when the reader purchases the product through your page, you will receive a commission. While it does not sound like a huge revenue generator, there are multi-million dollar pages focused on affiliate revenue alone.

  • eCommerce Website 

In recent years, eCommerce platforms have grown in popularity. With the proliferation of websites like WordPress and WooCommerce, building an eCommerce site could not be simpler. If you want to work with actual goods and sell something tangible, then running an eCommerce shop might be a perfect match.

  • Webhost Reselling:

The basic concept of reseller hosting is to have a dedicated server space that you can use to create your own brand of web hosting. It helps you to:

  • Develop web hosting accounts controlled by cPanel
  • Set your custom resource caps (i.e. disk space, bandwidth)
  • Using WHM to handle both accounts easily

The server uptime is also managed by the in-house management team. Reselling will be a walk in the park if you know how web hosting works. However, it seems a more comfortable way to create your own website and earn money Reselling Web Hosting Service.

Our proposed methods have been shown to work effectively for many people. In certain cases, in order to build the first good website, you should plan what you want to do with your website. Your dedication will determine how successful you will be.

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