How to build an email list in 2020?

How to build your email list in 2020

“The money in the list” means that if you want to become a successful businessman, affiliate marketer, blogger, and eCommerce marketer, then it’s compulsory to create an email list. If you don’t have one, you have to learn how to build an email list quickly. A good email list might prove to be a good traffic driver. 

Moreover, it might seem an effective way to communicate with customers and share your products or affiliate links. However, if you are unknown from an email list and don’t know how to build an email list because, in this article, I would love to write how to create an email list from nothing.

How to build an email list

You could not be able to create an email list without these resources. Let’s move to build a successful email list fast by acting upon the following resources;

  • Understand your audience
  • You must have a website or Build your Website
  • Create a pop-up or slide-in for each page of your site.
  • Email Marketing Service
  • Tantalizing Offers

Understand your Audience

Before getting started to build an email list for any Business and Market, you have to keep a solid knowledge and understand your audience. Also, you have to know who is targeting you because this would help you get an idea of who these are. Moreover, you could hire an expert person who would represent you and your Business.

Initially, try to find out your audience interested in your niche from social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and much more. Social media looks like the best places where you could find and meet people. Also, here you will find the opportunity to get their email addresses. Besides, try to know their needs and to become a solution provider.

You must have a website or Build your Website.

How to build an email list in 2020?

You must have a website where you will make a get togethering for your audience. However, if you don’t have any website or landing pages where your members will gather, don’t worry; it does not need a tremendous website. You need just a single landing page website, which should contain an email option form. O, create your own beautiful and eye-catchy landing page.

According to experts, increase the number of landing pages means you are growing your leads and speed to build an email list. When someone visits your page, it might be possible he would like to see some other pages to find some differences. So, you could get more signups and try to make 10 to 15 landing pages.

However, here are a few services that could help create landing pages.

Leadpages.netAwesome and responsive landing page builder, and you could customize these pages and make them as per your desire.

Landerapp.com_ Over 150000 users and 3000 brands show their trust in lander pages, and it’s also offering excellent pro tools that help create responsive designs and pages.

iContact.com_ It’s an expensive email marketing platform and provides awesome templates and landing pages quickly.

Hubspot.com_ Like others, it’s also providing excellent and responsive landing pages with good customer support at affordable prices. 

Unbounce.com_ Delivers fantastic services such as beautiful, optimized, eye-catchy, and dedicated landing pages.

Wix.com_ It’s offering free landing pages and templates that are optimized, responsive, and customizable. Moreover, it’s a well-known platform for its beautiful websites, designs, templates, and landing pages.

However, make sure your landing pages have email opt-in-form. It’s a form where the visitors put their emails to subscribe or use it for sign up purposes.

Create a pop-up or slide-in for each page of your site

To build an email list, you have to create timed pop-up ads because when a user visits your page and spend time, then a pop-up add will appear and inform the user about relevant content on other pages. Also, create the exit pop-up ads; when a user leaves your page, then these ads pops-up. 

Moreover, try the scroll down pop-up ads, and these will appear when a user tries to scroll down. In this way, you could increase your signups and boost the speed of the email list.

Need an Email Marketing Services

You need an email marketing service or platform which will enable you to communicate with your email list. At first, you have to build an email list, then move forward to buy a plan for any email market platform. Here are some email marketing platforms;

How to build an email list in 2020?

  • Mailchimp
  • Get Response
  • Aweber
  • Drip
  • ConvertKit
  • Market Hero
  • Mad Mimi
  • Ontraport
  • Sendlane
  • Constant Contact
  • Keap……

However, start with a less expensive platform such as Mailchimp. Its premium plan offers free tools that are exceptional. Mailchimp comes up with a powerful editor that is simple and easy to use. Moreover, it’s fully featured and integrated with third parties. 

However, these email marketing platforms have two aims; 1_ Organize your mail list, and 2_ Send emails. When you think your email marketing is growing well, you could do more things with your email list, such as drip campaigns and sequencing, etc.

You Need tantalizing Offer.

When you ask someone to join my marketing or email list, and he/she say why? Then what would be your answer? I recommend you build an email list and always show the audience what you are offering? 

Suppose a visitor comes to your page, asking for a sign up to allow the visitor to use the software, eBook, images, or anything else. If he wants those that you’re offering, then absolutely he will sign up to get it.

So, always try to offer such things that your audience needs. I have already said that be a solution provider and problem solver. If you do this, then you would see the growth rate of the email list.

Because everyone would want to fulfill their needs and indeed, they will go ahead there, where they find their solutions.


It’s is the simplest and more straightforward way to build an email list from nothing. I hope you liked this article. The thing that I wanted is about offering. Anyone, even me, would prefer those pages that are offering my solutions in exchange for an email.


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