How to get traffic from an email list to your blog


Whereas an email list is necessary for sales and business, it’s also helpful for your blog and website to get traffic from an email list. If you are publishing fantastic and reader-engaging posts but not getting traffic, don’t worry, today I will give a detailed answer to “How to get traffic from an email list.”

How to get traffic from an email list to your blog

You might know the different ways to get organic traffic, such as backlinks, guest posts, and much more. However, email listing is a free source of organic traffic and direct communication with visitors and customers. If you keep a solid email list with genuine subscribers, it’s easier to get traffic from an email list. 
However, here I’m going to discuss a few tips with you to help you get high traffic daily and increase your sales. 

Win email leads from social media campaigns.

Join the social campaigns such as contests and sweepstakes that would help you get more organic traffic for your brand and help you get more email subscriptions. Try to host the contests and sweepstakes on your social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and even your website or blog.

How to get traffic from an email list to your blog

Also, try to run a referral campaign to spread your brand worldwide and try to famous your brand by offering fantastic stuff. Moreover, you should deal with awesome offers and discounts to newsletter subscribers and try to spread out your email list and offers to get more traffic to your blog. 

More Social email generating tips.

It will be a great opportunity to generate emails from your social platforms and don’t forget to add a link to your blog in the pages and bios of your social profiles like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Offer free eBooks, coupons, and other free tools to attract the audience to visit your site.

  Your audience might be interested in such offers in exchange for an email address or visiting your site. When they subscribe to your site, they will get notifications when you publish a new post or product. This is the best way to get traffic from an email list and change them into regular customers.

Use Ninja Popups.

It’s a WordPress plugin which allows the users to build beautiful designed and professional popups to lock your content such as free coupons, eBooks, software, and free tools until they sign-up and share your blog.

Design RSS Feeds for your blog.

How to get traffic from an email list to your blog

You have to design a subscription box or RSS feed because it’s a way to get in touch with your visitors. Moreover, if they need more from your blog, they need the daily updates, and it would be possible only when you have an RSS feed on your site. However, for those who are using WordPress, then it’s easier to design.

 You would get more benefits with these subscription feeds. 1_ You could grow your email list. 2_ When someone subscribes to your site, it’s mean he/he is interested in your content, niche, and products. So, you can find out your potential customers. Also, try to use friendly and simple friends in RSS.

Use your email to get mails.

Always try to use your email signatures to get in touch with your visitors and use the friendly call to action. Moreover, by using your email signatures, you can get more clicks on your blog from random and permanent visitors. Motivate your subscribers and invite the contacts to visit your blog.

Put a link to your blog in your email signatures and offer some free tools and urgency to encourage your subscribers to visit. So, your email signature is crucial for blog traffic and to increase the number of subscribers.

Get Real with your body.

To get traffic from an email list, you have to put original and high-quality content that could engage the readers and solve their problems. Add catchy and urgent headlines or titles to force the members to open it and visit your blog.

 Send personal messages to your subscribers; if some of them are your friend, you start with ‘Hello friend”. But use a professional tone. So, you can ask them directly to visit your new offers and free coupons. 

Know your subscribers’ business.

Always try to know your subscribers’ (Business) then you could know what kind of posts you have to write or what kind of products you have to publish on your blog. After knowing about their business, tell them about your new products and posts in which they are interested.

How to get traffic from an email list to your blog

  After that, they would surely want to visit your blog and know about the products and their interests. So, it might seem a good way to get traffic from an email list and clicks through the blog pages.

Segment your emails.

Join your targeted business group on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, after joining then segment your email list to these targeted groups. However, send out blogs and newsletters to those who are interested in reading them.

I recommend you to use an email marketing platform such as MailChimp to segment your email lists. Also, try to use some tools such as the wishpond social contact database. Moreover, this tool will help you to segment your email list by geographic location and Facebook likes.

Create Clear Call to Actions.

Make sure you send clear messages in which you want from your subscribers and what you want to offer to your subscribers. Besides, try to add an easy and clickable link to your blog page. And also dd a colored and attractive call-to-action button (CTA).

Stamplia, fusion, and MailChimp are providing easy and clickable CTA buttons. These clear, easy, and clickable CTA buttons will help to increase your response rate.

Send Visual newsletters.

Visual content such as images and newsletters might help to get traffic from an email list. Put a link in these visual newsletters to your blog. Whenever a subscriber clicks on these visual newsletters, then he will be redirected to your blog.

Give short and engaging summaries of your articles and add clickable and read more buttons. So, this might be a good way to drive enough traffic from an email list to your blog.


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