How to make money from AdSense


How to make money from AdSense

Today, I will share a simple method about “How to make money from AdSense.” However, if you want to make money from your blog, earn from Adsense or website without selling anything, then Google AdSense is here that will pay you because of your content.

Before getting the start, we should know What Google AdSense is and how AdSense works. Google AdSense is the biggest advertising platform and serves ads to website owners to publish on their sites. Moreover, these publishers get paid 68% of the Ad revenue whenever someone clicks the ad.

Now the question pops up in your mind, how can we show ads. And how to earn money with Google AdSense through ad clicks. Then be patient; in this article, we will discuss all AdSense. So, let’s solve the question “How to make money from AdSense.”

Here are some steps, follow them, and set up your Business Background.

  1. Create your Website and Blog
  2. Apply for AdSense
  3. After Approval
  4. Get Free/Paid Back-links
  5. Use proper Ads placement
  6. Never try to click on your Ads.
  7. Setup your Business Permanently

Create your Website or Blog

 First, you have to create your Website or Blog. But before beginning the site, you have to choose your Niche. However, I have already discussed and written a detailed article on “20 tips to choose your best Niche for Blogging.” So, you can get a better idea from the previous article.

5 tips for designing a successful website-ultimate guide

Afterward, buy a top-level Domain Name that must relate to your Niche. Then purchase secure Hosting and Install WordPress. After that, customize and optimize your Website or Blog by adding and activating the plugins. Now, it’s time to customize the tour theme. 

Also, I have written about “How to create your Website.” Readout to create your professional website. After Niche selection, Domain name, Hosting, and customization. Now It’s time to write high-quality content and publish that should drive massive traffic to

Apply for AdSense 

Before submitting your application, your website or Blog must have 20 posts, and each should have 700 words. Moreover, each post must be unique, non-plagiarized, SEO optimized, and valuable. In addition to all these, pages such as Privacy, policy, Terms and Conditions, Disclaimer, About Us, and Contact page are compulsory. 

After doing all these necessary things, you can now apply to make money from AdSense and sign up. The AdSense team reviews your application, and it may take 1-2 weeks if your web fulfills AdSense criteria and compatible with AdSense. Then I sure you will get your approval.

After Approval, you can earn from Adsense

After getting approval, now you have to move to your goal. Copy the Ads code from your AdSense dashboard and paste it onto the specific page. Also, you have to do good keyword research to find out high CPC keywords. Moreover, try to write content on high CPC keywords.

Get free/paid Backlinks.

How to make money from AdSense

The more the clicks, the more the money from AdSense. I recommend you place your ads at a special place where might be more chances to get the clicks. However, according to experts, advertisements at the top of the screen tend to get the most clicks. Moreover, the best ad sizes 336×280 and 300×250 might seem a reason to get the clicks.

Never try to click on your Ads.

Most of the beginners got banned because of clicking on their ads. So that, never try to click on your Ads. Because Google has a strict Algorithm, and it knows where these clicks come from. Also, you can get banned by doing this. That is to say, avoid fake clicks and earn money by valid methods. 

Setup your AdSense Business Permanently

You have an approved AdSense website, and also you are earning. Then I recommend you to set up your Business background permanently. So, follow these pieces of advice and precautions to make more money from AdSense.

  • Always upload valuable content that must have high CPC keywords.
  • However, avoid Grammar and spelling issues; this may lead to disapproval of Ads.
  • Also, avoid self-clicking. 
  • Moreover, try to search for High Paying Keywords to increase your AdSense revenues.



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