How to make money from your email list

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An email list is an expensive and valuable resource for any business because it plays a vital role in engaging the customers and subscribers. Moreover, it looks like an operative way to make money from your email list and grow up any business revenues.

Most people are increasing their revenues by over 70% by using segmented email campaigns, and they get $38 in return for spending $1 on email marketing. You might hear this quote, “The money in the list” However, I will get the meaning of this quote “the money in the email list.”

To make money from your email list is now so simple as just counting money on your fingers. Moreover, it might seem a rare opportunity for bloggers and affiliate marketers_ who are promoting other people’s products to promote their ads and affiliate links.

If you are a blogger, then it would be easy for you to make money from your email list by just advertisings. However, affiliate marketers who keep an email list of more than 2k subscribers, I say they would be playing in a pool of money.

Today, I’m going to expose the secrets through which you could make money from your email list. These are the proven secrets and surely these are trustworthy and valuable. So, let’s move to these secrets one by one.

Paid Subscription Model for Premium Content.

I recommend creating your paid subscription model for premium content for those with solid knowledge and exceptional experience in this field. For this, you have to decide on monthly, yearly, and free membership plans and its recharges.

Suppose we recharge a minimum of $7.99/month, then guess how much revenue we will make every month from these fees. However, you could offer a hefty discount for the first month. Later increase it to the maximum as you wish.

Start Coaching to make money from your email list.

I recommend you and those to start paid coaching who are experts in their skills and field. Check your email list and choose some of them interested in your skills. So, contact them and tell about your paid coaching.

How to make money from your email list

If you are an expert responsive web developer, you have to contact those who are willing to pay someone in exchange for a responsive website. So, in this way, both of you and your client could be benefited.

 Just for your motivation, the owner of Masala Body Nagina Abdullah earn over $20000 in a few months by offering paid coaching to his 500 email list subscribers. Now think, those who have over 1k subscribers how much they could earn.

Affiliate Marketing.

ClickBank, eBay, Amazon, Rakuten, ShareASale, and C J Affiliate are the best Affiliate Marketing platforms. They pay commission to their affiliates who generate sales for brands. If you keep a substantial email list, then surely you could make money from your email list.

How to make money from your email list

If you don’t have enough money to set your store, don’t worry, I recommend becoming an affiliate marketer. So, promote the products and share their links to those subscribers who are interested in them. So, they might purchase one.

Moreover, try to convince some of your subscribers to join affiliate through your referral link, so you get a 25% commission. If you have not entered any affiliate program, it looks like a great time to join an affiliate.

Sell Ads in Your Email Newsletter.

Nowadays, making money through email marketing has become easy and quick. Those who keep a list with over 3k subscribers then they could sell ads in their email newsletter. If you also have a large number of subscribers, then it’s for you too.

You have to write down a short review of the product and get paid. However, it would be challenging to earn a fair amount initially.But you have to grow your list to engage more subscribers and reach a good piece of money.

Rent or Sell to make money from your email list

If you come up with a good email list containing a real and genuine audience, you could earn a short amount. Most people like Businessman, affiliates, and bloggers are always in seek of the forthcoming email list. So, you can sell your plan as per your demands. 

However, it’s not suitable for all the time but could help you get a short amount. On the other hand, most people have permanently attached themselves to this business because they think it’s a comfortable, safe, and fast earning technique.

How to make money from your email list


Also, having a list with over 1k genuine subscribers would be a honeymoon, and it looks fantastic to sell your products with them. You have the opportunity to encourage the customers and convince them to buy an expensive product from your brand.


Profits and losses are considered parts of the business. When your customers deny purchasing your products further, then you have the option to take a U-turn and move back to down-selling. So, offer them incredible discounts.

Moreover, where discounts are not working correctly, sell your products at low prices to afford them. I have already told you that profits and losses are the parts of any business. However, later you could move to the up-selling.


It’s offering a rare opportunity to make money from your email list. However, it’s mainly for bloggers running their blogs interested in earning a fair amount of money if you have a blog with original and valuable content that sign-up for AdSense.

In contrast, you could attach your blog with other Ads serving networks like Mediavine. So, an email list with genuine subscribers could drive massive traffic. In this way, you will get page views, clicks, and impressions.

You can attach your blog with affiliate sites to promote their brands and products. When someone purchases your affiliate links, then you will get a 10 to 25% commission. It looks like a great way to earn money from your email list without doing any hard work.

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