What are your tools to grow an email list in 2021

Tools to

A powerful email list plays a vital role in marketing and business strategy. Also, it’s known as the heart of marketing. When you write a post and publish it on your site, the audience on your email list will be the first to read it and be the first to sign up for a webinar. Here we go to know about some powerful tools to grow an email list.

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Not getting enough traffic to your blog? So, boost your email list’s growth with these tools’ help and increase the number of subscribers. So, let’s start with the pop-ups; however, most people hate them, but it’s necessary to grow an email list.

All-in-one software

After setting up your Autoresponder whether it is GET RESPONSE, AWEBER, or MAILCHIMP you will definitely want to grow your email list. Based on our email list size, we will be sending different kinds of marketing emails in 4 important categories. They are:

  • Emails Notice
  • Newsletter Sequences 
  • Product Launch/Update
  • Promotional Emails.
To create & send different types of marketing emails here are some of the best tools to grow an email list in 2021.

WordPress Plugins to create Pop-ups

Tools to grow an email list

Below I will discuss awesome WordPress plugins that will help create different kinds of pop-ups, forms, and slide bars.

OptinMonster_ Choose the right place in your blogs, such as side slide bars and footer bars, and place opt-in forms. You can also place it on full cover pages. It’s easy to use and helpful in creating pop-ups. It provides three types of opt-in forms.


  • LightBox
  • Slide-In
  • Foot Bar

Sumo_ It’s a WordPress plugin that helps you track reader’s email and capture it when they show their attention within your site.


BounceX_ When someone visits your site, and after spending some time when they click on the back button, a pop-up appears and asks for signup.


Thrive leads_ It rewards you with opt-in forms, squeezes pages, and custom pop-Ups.

Mobile-Specific Opt-in Forms “Thrive leads”


PopUp maker_ If you are a WordPress user, it’s good because it provides a plugin that allows you to make your favorite and beautiful pop-ups.

Pop-Up Domination_ It’s well renowned for a WordPress plugin, software, and the best pop-up on any website to engage the readers for signup to grow an email list.


PopUp pro and Hustle__ Both are WordPress plugins and great features that allow the users to build tremendous pop-ups.

UpPrev_ it’s also a WordPress plugin that allows the users to create a button or slide bar, and a pop-up will appear when a visitor tries to scroll.


MailOptin_] It acts as a form builder that helps users create a subscription box or email signup box, user registration forms, and sending email newsletters.

 Gravity Forms_ WordPress users can create contact forms with the help of Gravity forms for collecting information. Moreover, it will help you to collect emails, WordPress post creation, calculators, employment applications, and much more.


Comment Redirect_ It’s a great feature; when someone drops a comment, he is redirected to your favorite pages or a subscription box to ask them for an email to get future updates.

Tools to grow an email list

Easy forms for MailChimp_ It looks great for those using the MailChimp platform and WordPress site. This free plugin allows users to create unlimited MailChimp signup forms to post, pages, and sidebars.

 Email Subscribers and Newsletters_ It’s a plugin that helps you send blog post notifications via email, collect leads, and send a broadcast. Moreover, it assists the users to build their list within just a single plugin.

 Optimizely_ This will help you make some changes in your pages, forms, image texts, banners, pop-ups, contact forms, the color of CTA, and much more without any change in the whole website. It’s easy to set up Optimizely in your site by just adding a simple code.

 Aweber Webform widget_ Install an Aweber web form to your blog or WordPress site. It will help you drive more subscribers to your list to grow an email list.

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Online Contests and giveaway tools

These online contests are going to be more helpful in driving the subscribers to your list. And here are four tools that will allow you to create and host your online contests on your blog or social media profiles. So, let’s take a brief look at these contests.

Tools to grow an email list

Rafflecopter_ It’s easy to use and allows you to create an online giveaway, customize and embed an entry form to your site.

Wishpond_ It’s a great platform with excellent tools that allow the users to create landing pages. Also, it allows users to create website pop-ups and online contests or giveaways.

PromoSimple_ Now it becomes easier to create an online contest, giveaway, landing pages with PromoSimple. Moreover, you can design and create professionally designed entry forms. These online contests will be helpful to grow an email list quickly.

 Giveaway tools_ It’s a free tool to create entry forms to promote online giveaways & contests. 

Facebook tools to grow an email list

One of the best platforms for everything, even from blog traffic to email list subscribers. You can drive subscribers to your list. And Facebook might seem the greatest way to increase the number of subscribers to grow an email list. However, some Facebook tools are below here that will be helpful. So, let’s move;

ShortStack_Users can create custom Facebook tabs with the help of some special widgets. However, it comes up with great features such as photo upload, fan-only content, sweepstakes, tabs analytics, multiple users’ collaboration, full design control, custom tab icons, and application names.


 Sprout Social_A social media tool that helps the users to engage their audience. Also, it manages and tracks the analytics of your social media accounts.

Woobox_ It offers a free HTML tab where you can collect emails, full customization of the app. Moreover, this platform allows users to create online contests, sweepstakes, and polls. You can also design a Facebook tab for your online contests with the help of Woobox.


AdEspresso_ This will help you create an effective Facebook ad campaign because it uses advanced analytics.

 Join My Mailing List_ This tool is most effective in engaging the people for a signup to grow an email list quickly.

BoosBerg_ It’s an automated tool or software that promotes the Facebook pages and helps users boost their posts by just setting up some rules.

Heyo_ It’s an online contest platform where you can get the opportunity to capture the emails, engage the people to subscribe, get likes, comments, and convert sales.


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