What is SEO and how to become an SEO Expert

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What is SEO and how to become an SEO Expert

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization.” In other words, Search Engine Optimization meaning is to drive massive traffic to a site by just increasing its visibility to search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo. If you are still in this curiosity, “what is an SEO and how to become an SEO Expert.” 

Then, don’t worry; today, you will learn all about Search Engine. The better the SEO, the more money you can make. SEO does not only mean to get high traffic, but also it has the following three types.

On-page SEO:

  • Content optimization
  • Page title optimization
  • Meta Description Optimization
  • Remove or Re-direct the broken links
  • Add internal and External Links

Technical SEO:

  • Optimize your page speed
  • Optimize the page URLs
  • Make your page mobile-friendly
  • Optimize your sitemap XML
  • Fixing Crawling errors

Off-page SEO:

Get back-links from other sites to rank your page. It’s just to get back-links from other sites that should have a high Domain authority and page authority for ranking your page. Indeed, Back-links are in the form of votes in favour of your page to rank. The more the votes, the more the chances to rank fast. 

How SEO Works

Indeed, Google is the largest search engine all over the world and has its Algorithm. Whenever someone puts a query in the Search Bar of Google or Bing, their Bots collect information about the topic or page. 

After that, these Google Bots put this information into Index. Now the Algorithm reviews the pages and brings them on the first who has a close resemblance to the search query. However, Google’s Algo changes with time and has more than 200 ranking factors.

What is SEO and how to become an SEO Expert

What is Search Engine Optimization?

High-quality, unique, valuable, user-friendly, SEO-friendly, non-plagiarized, and optimized content is the most basic and critical factors for Search Engine Optimization. It will help if you put fully SEO optimized content on your web pages. 

For optimized content, specific Primary keywords and also their related keywords are a must. You have to adjust them to the right place because your content must be written according to Google’s Algo. 

Almost 63 % of searches come from Mobiles. So that. It’s compulsory to make your site and web pages mobile-friendly for Search Engine Optimization. Moreover, avoid broken links, maintain your page speed, and add your internal links.  

why is SEO important 

Like I have already told you, the better the Search Engine Optimization, the more money you will make. In simple words, if you want to earn, then it could not be possible without traffic. The fun thing is that 70 % of traffic comes from search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. That’s why search engine optimization is most important for web pages as well as for digital marketing. 

How to become an SEO Expert

To drive massive traffic on your site, it might seem you have to learn search engine ranking skills. Before proceeding further, I would like to define an SEO expert and SEO professional. An SEO expert knows how SEO works and how to rank the page first by applying Search engine optimizing skills. 

In contrast, a Search Engine Optimization professional uses his SEO skills as a profession by offering his Search Engine Optimization services. However, he assists his clients in Search Engine Optimization on a monthly and weekly basis. I hope you have got the difference. 

Here are five steps that might help you “How to become an SEO expert.” 

  1. Understand how it works
  2. Select the right training
  3. Pick the right tools
  4. Do practical 
  5. Stay informed about Search Engine Optimization changes

Understand How search engine works

To become a search engine expert, you have to learn how they find out the content on the web pages. Second, you must understand how their Bots collect information in the pages and put them into the Index; third, how their bots decide to bring which one’s first. After that, to become a specialist, you have to learn how to optimize your site according to Google’s Algorithm. 

What is SEO and how to become an SEO Expert

Pick the right Search Engine Optimization Training.

On the other hand, take a firm decision while choosing your Search Engine Optimization training courses. However, you can learn from the Internet by reading hundreds of articles. Moreover, here are some Search Engine Optimization courses that I recommend to use, such as:

Pick the Right Search Engine Optimization tools

You have to choose the following tools:

Do Practical Search Engine Optimization

Reading courses, articles, and listening to advice is not enough for a search engine ranking. You have to do an actual practice on SEO. However, along with theoretical, you have to apply Search Engine Optimization as practical. So, in this way, you might learn so quickly.

Stay Informed About Search Engine Optimization

Google is making more than 200 changes in its Algorithm per year. That’s why you have to know these changes. For this, follow the Search Engine Optimization news websites that could inform and help you related to significant changes.


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